La galerie Catherine Putman est heureuse de proposer une double invitation à Gildas Le Reste, comme artiste et commissaire d’exposition.


Galerie Catherine Putman has pleasure in making a double invitation to Gildas Le Reste as both artist and exhibition curator. The exhibition "Gildas Le Reste & Guests" is to show his latest works, surrounded by a host of those by Jean-Michel Alberola, Jean-Charles Blais, Stéphane Calais, Philippe Cognée, Anita Molinero, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Sam Szafran and Jacques Villeglé. The show is to be in the form of a dialogue between  Gildas Le Reste and his guests.

« A multiple or plural invitation ! What a fine aim!
Indeed, I have spent more time in the margins of the works of my colleagues than at the centre of mine, of my intentions. Frequently approached by many persons in the world of art and creation—as Catherine Putman was able to achieve with tact and kindness. Thus a meeting between friends, of guests is like a daily meal, like a family meeting. Where each comes with his originality and attitudes, his experiences and tendencies. I know that choosing is renouncing and those absent will tell me. They must know that they are always present for me. A work is fed as new principles arrive, supplied by others’ said Jean-Pierre Pincemin in 1981 and this selective, constructive task is mine today. Let’s make sure that the meal is shared by everyone—gastronomes, fussy eaters and  connoisseurs—is for all and proposes as many views of the world as it can receive. Expect everything with respect and delicacy. Nothing suspect—let’s go for everything! Even the rest. » Gildas Le Reste, 2023

From 2022 to 2023, Gildas Le Reste made two series : "Le Paysage français", "notes de voyage" and "Les Tulipes". These medium-sized works were prepared using a sum of layers of ink modified by erasure. The subjet goes into the Arches paper used until it nearly tears. Do and undo as far as the moment the image appears in a strange atmosphere where looking is lost in the construction and reconstruction of the landscapes. « … in this respect, Gildas Le Reste, the painter, would have taken his own name very seriously to paint what is left of the world. » Bernard Lamarche-Vadel, 1988

Gildas Le Reste

Gildas Le Reste & Guests

January 27 - March 9, 2024