Catherine Putman Gallery is proud to announce Agathe May's second solo exhibition, « Il s'y brûlent les ailes », (« They Get Their Wings Burned»), following « Peinture gravée » in 2007.

Agathe May talks about herself through her drawings, engraving once more the letters of a very personal alphabet. Her plates combine, match and multiply, transforming into an evolving process – like the waters a projectile would create coming through: the very remote trace of time's attraction.

The artist gives priority to large sizes and chooses her models within her relatives, her family. Her new series, « Dormeurs » (« Sleepers ») shows them lying on blankets, or on one thousand flowers pricked fields.

Agathe May works with her hands on linoleum plates, incising and inking them with painting, creating a unique piece of art in each impression, real artist's proofs.

Not only the artist joyfully uses the different impression possibilities the engraved plank offers, going from intense black and white to coloured shades, hence creating each time a totally new work; she also plays assembling different elements born out of the planks on the sheet of paper. Thus, images appear every time, continously recreating a new version of the initial engraving.

Agathe May

Ils s'y brūlent les ailes

May 13 - July 13, 2011