Born in 1967 in Sartrouville, France.
He lives and works in Paris.

Comic strip author of "Mon bel amour", 2006, "Essai de sentimentalisme", 2001, and "Les périodiques", 1999-2002 (publ. EgoCommeX), "Le château des ruisseaux", storyboard by Vincent Bernière, (publ. Dupuis, 2012); Frédéric Poincelet has also published many collections of his drawings including "Poésie" (publ. Cinquième Couche, 2008), and a book halfway between both art forms, "Une relecture" (publ. EgoCommeX, 1998).
His passion for a variety of styles of drawing and for publishing inspired him to create Lune Produck which for ten years published the graphzines of Bruno Richard, Franck Garcia, Donato Di Nunno, as well as his own drawings.
Frédéric Poincelet's drawings have also been published in the following periodicals:
Bang!, Double, and also Beaux Arts Magazine. In order to promote drawing and to attract the attention that art form deserves along with Isabelle Boinot, Frédéric Fleury, Emmanuelle Pidoux, and Stéphane Prigent, he created the "Frédéric Magazine" a collective magazin, which has been publishing the drawings of more than fifty artists on the internet and in books since 2004: the art of drawing is presented here in a humble way but not without great artistic pride.

In the same time he became a figure in the contemporary drawing scene.

Amongst others he participated  in the exhibition « Dessins Pointus » in 2005 , and also took part with his collective « Frederic Magazine » in the exhibition « Force de l'art » in 2006 at the Grand Palais,  in Paris. With his collective « Frederic Magazine » Frederic claims a new way of looking  at drawing.

It is no longer a tool for an other artistic practice, but it is an art unto itself. These drawings have their own purpose. Frédéric Poincelet works exclusively with ballpoint pens and sometimes  Tipp-Ex. Besides he also works on old papers , which are thicker and satisfy the use of ballpoint pen.

Since 2009, Frédéric Poincelet and Gallery Catherine Putman have collaborated through collective and personnal exhibitions.